Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why I'm Voting Republican (snark)...

Having a snarkilicious Saturday? Well, this will help!

Ah, doesn't that make you feel good about the good ol' GOP? ;-)


Student Guy said...

Hey atdnext,


I don't know if you got my email but I emailed you back. If you didn't get my response: I am fine, but sad; I'll be at my place still, dropping into yours to comment occasionally and I'll also be at OpenLeft before I come back to myDD (I am 90% certain I will be); I'll be asking a favor of you (or someone else on this blog); I'll probably break down and rejoin myDD when school starts again as my summer is very busy good good works in real life; and I won't share with a soul anything that you emailed me as it would impact my internal perception of honor far more than my action that caused me to go into exile as you asked me not to say anything about it.

Yeah that is the gist leaving out my personal info about myself and my actions.

On topic the video is great and brought a smile to my face.

Student Guy

atdnext said...

Student Guy-

Thanks! I got your email... And I hope you got my reply. You're still awesome, and we all still love you here. Just remember that you're ALWAYS welcome to come our lil' blog home anytime. :-)

sricki said...

OMG, that video is awesome! I'm sending it to everyone in my family (all Republicans) just to piss them off, and I'm definitely sending it to all my Hillary supporter friends who are hurting right now. I know someone who is a loyal Democrat and a gay man, but is considering staying home or even voting for McCain. He cried throughout February, and he can't seem to get over Hillary. But that's just it -- we don't really have to "get over" her. We just have to do what she asked us to do.

If I have to, I'm dragging my Dem friends to the polls. We live in a red state, but if Barr does well enough, Obama could have a pretty decent showing here. That would chill the Republicans right down to the bone.

Student Guy said...

hey atdnext, I have a linky that is really uber cool and it is a good unity message:

putting the source code in here:

[a href="" onclick="return showBH('');">Play Budget Hero[/a]

Student Guy said...

doh replace the square bracket's like these [ ] with carrots like these < >


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