Thursday, June 12, 2008

The McCain Myth: LGBT Equality

As we've all heard, John McCain is described by the corporate media as a "maverick" and a "moderate". And for some reason, we are actually expected to believe this BS. One example is with equal rights for LGBT people.

We've been told that McCain generally "favors" LGBT rights and is not as extreme as the rest of his Republican party. But hold on, how much of this is true? Is John McCain really a "maverick" on gay rights?

Well, let's take a look at McCain's real record. Let's not forget what's he's actually said and how he's actually voted. Let's not forget what McCain has been advocating this campaign season. Here's a hint, he hasn't been all that supportive of our community.

OK, so are you convinced now? No? Well, take a look at this.

OK, so are you convinced now? John McCain is no friend of the gays... Or lesbians or bisexual people or transgendered people for that matter. John McCain is just as homophobic as the rest of his beloved GOP. So really, can we afford four years of this guy as President?

Think about the Supreme Court. Think about what Congress needs to do. Think about all that legislation that will end up on the President's desk. Do you want John McBush there ready to veto all that good legislation? Or worse yet, do you want John McBush signing discrimination into law if we're dealing with a GOP-controlled Congress in addition to McBush?

We can prevent this disaster from happening. All it takes is for us to choose wisely. And come on, the facts are readily available for us to make a wise decision. YES. WE. CAN. :-)


Anonymous said...

Great post! Join the LGBT voters group at Obama's website.

Loyal Democrat said...

Wow. McCain's really anti-gay. As a father of a gay person and someone who has many gay family members, I couldn't support someone who has such little respect for my family.

Oh... Mercy said...

He really is just terrible.
I still am just shocked that anyone who would support clinton would consider supporting McCain.

Is there anyone with video montage skills out there?
i would love it if someone could put a video yogether doing a montage of the stories about him and his voting record...the trollop and the C word story, his womanizing (cheating on first wife and leaving her) etc.
I don't like going after a person's personal life but this is not about sexuality, its about misogyny.
Someone suggested "under my thumb" would be a good background song. Not so sure about that but it would be interesting.
I'm so sure there would be many, many songs that would work.
Something a little "tough." in your face.

I don't have those skills but I have been thinking about it anyway.

This is OT but I don't know where else to post it.
Here is stuff about his habeus corpus record:

DCDemocrat said...

I kind of agreed with the guy on "The Young Turks." It seemed to me like McCain was pandering, and he was uncomfortable with his position. He clearly will lie to become president, but at least he doesn't lie well. But why go on Ellen at all? I don't know. The Republicans seems to win elections typically in a way that makes McCain uncomfortable, which bed the question of whether McCain can win if he won't lie, cheat, and steal from widows and orphans.

Anonymous said...

He does look uncomfortable when he is spouting the antigay stuff. But I can never support a candidate who panders to someone's hatred. No way.

atdnext said...

DCDem & Drew-

Good point. Maybe McBush doesn't actually believe this BS himself. I hear Bush himself doesn't as well.

But still, I just find it wrong that these GOPers tell us nice things when they want "the gay vote"... Then drop us like hot potatoes when they pander for the religious right vote. And since McBush has hardly ever stood up for our civil rights in the Senate, why should we think he'll do so as President?

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