Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Party Divided? Uh-oh.

If the Democratic Party is divided right now, John McCain is screwed and we are going to kick his righteous ass back to the desert. If divisions among Democrats are pulling down Senator Obama's numbers, then today's polling data is ominous for the Republicans.

Since Senator Clinton conceded on Saturday, Obama's lead among women has risen from 5% to 13% while his deficit among men has shrunk from 6% to 2%:

The daily tracking polls are even better. Gallup has Obama up 48%-41% and Rasmussen has Obama up 48%-40%. If these are Obama's numbers when many Democrats refuse to embrace him, John McCain is in trouble.

A Party Divided? Uh-oh, Johnny.


DCDemocrat said...

I read this morning that Obama is breathing down McCain's neck in McCain's own congressional district.

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