Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The McCain Myth: He's Pro-choice

As we've all heard, John McCain is described by the corporate media as a "maverick" and a "moderate". And for some reason, we are actually expected to believe this BS. One example is reproductive rights.

Over the years, we've been told to believe that McCain isn't as virulently anti-choice and anti-women as the rest of his Republican Party. And to a large extent, McCain is trying hard to play the part to woo us Hillary Clinton Democrats. But when we pull back McCain's nicey-nicey "maverick" veil, we see that he's just as anti-choice and anti-women and anti-freedom as the rest of his beloved GOP.

After all, why would Planned Parenthood list McCain as anti-choice if he really wasn't? Why would NARAL Pro-choice America see McCain as a serious threat to reproductive rights if he actually wasn't? And why is McCain's actual record so extremely anti-choice if he actually isn't?

Folks, we're smarter than this. We don't need to believe the McCain Myth created by his handlers and perpetuated by the corporate media. McCain really is Bush's third term embodied. And think about it, was Bush all that great on women's reproductive rights? Did he ever lift a finger to secure a woman's right to choose? And how the heck is John McCain any different?

If we really care about women's reproductive rights, we simply can't allow John McCain anywhere near the White House. The Supreme Court is literally one vote away from overturning Roe v. Wade. Can we really risk it all on John McCain and his anti-choice ways? Congress still has important legislation to pass to ensure reproductive freedom. Can we afford John McCain's vetos?

Think about it. This election is just too damn important for us to lose. The stakes are simply too high. If we want to protect a woman's right to choose, we need to beat John McCain this fall.


alyssa chaos said...

we cant forget the the ultimate enemy in all this is McCain, and McCain does not support any thing that Hillary stood for: women's rights.

DCDemocrat said...

I posted a comment in another thread that McCain was pleading in 2000 for Libertarians and vegetarians to join his cause. I think he is looking for the, "Beef, Food for Real People," crowd in 2008.

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