Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Night Open Thread

What's happening? Tell me about it. ;-)

And btw, please check out our new ActBlue page... And give us some love next time you want to donate to worthy Democrats! :-)


Dizzy said...

Evening, All -

This Friday finds me at work, mulling over my next post ... which I think I've settled on doing a piece on Darcy Burner in the WA-08. I've kinda fixated on her as she is running a campaign amidst the personal tragedy of losing her family's home to a fire earlier this month.

So, after that tease, more to come later.

How is everyone else doing this fine Friday evening?

Kevin / Dizzy

Anonymous said...

Yes! And one worthy Dem is my husband, Gary Pritchard. Thank you fabulous Clintonistas :)

And I discovered the wonder of Pink Berry. It's that good, at least I think it is. What a time to discover something new to eat. Thankfully only four pts (Weight Watchers is my life right now).

Charlotte is going to bed, Gary is cleaning out his car because he has a volunteer coming out to walk precincts with him in the morning and I'm writing here.

Not much else.

By the way, I donated to Darcy Burner when I found out about her home, it wasn't much, but it was something.

I also gave to Obama so I could be in the contest to go to Denver, I could resist.

Dizzy said...

Iffn I weren't so close to broke right now, I'd be donating this week too ... maybe next week will be better.

Some of that money will be going your husband's way ... we need to keep the state legislature with good people in it.

Anonymous said...

AW,Thank you, every little bit helps, that's what grassroots is about, each blade alone is rather ineffective but together, you've got fields of green!

atdnext said...


I know, I know... So many candidates, so little $$$$. I can hardly wait for that next check, so I can start giving more to my favorite Dems. :-)


Don't worry. Gary will ALWAYS be on our favorite list here. ;-)

Dizzy said...

Amen on Gary being on the favs list ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you both Andrew and Dizzy, appreciated beyond words and the best part of Gary running. I'm glad I twisted his arm :)

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