Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is This What "PUMA" Stands For?

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As Democrats, we should all agree on certain things. We should all agree on social justice. We should all agree on the health and welfare of our people and our planet. We should all agree on an economy that works for everyone. Oh yes, and we should all agree to support candidates who support our values. We definitely shouldn't be agreeing to attack our own!

So what's wrong with these supposed "Democrats" supporting these right-wing smears? Follow me after the flip for more...

I was flabbergasted this morning to see this in my inbox from Western CPAC...

The Western Conservative Political Action Conference (WCPAC) announced today that author and political strategist Floyd Brown has agreed to speak at this year’s conference, October 10th and 11th at the Radisson Hotel in Newport Beach California.

The Obama campaign has named Brown enemy number one. Senator Barack Obama recently said “527s pop up pretty quickly and have enormous influence and we've seen them – there was an ad, one in South Dakota by Floyd Brown … I don’t think that I am off the wall here to say that you know a lot of outside groups that are potentially going to be going after us hard…” [...]
“An old right-wing attack dog has returned with a new target: Barack Obama.”--CNN

"Brown has stature among devoted conservatives that almost matches his physical heft (6 ft. 6 in. and 240 lbs.)" --TIME [...]

Brown has considerable experience with political campaigns. Brown’s most recent endeavor is the creation of the website: www.exposeobama.com, which seeks to educate voters on Democratic Presidential nominee Barak Obama.

“Floyd brings a wealth of knowledge on political campaigns” said Jim Lacy Chairman of Western CPAC. “As we gear up for this November’s election, it will be great to hear his perspective on the way the race is shaping up and what issues we, as conservatives, should be paying attention to leading up to Election Day.”

Other confirmed speakers at this year’s Western CPAC include radio talk show host and eldest son of Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan; Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Assemblyman Chuck DeVore; and anti-tax leaders Jon Coupal of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, and Lew Uhler of the National Tax Limitation Committee.
And you know what made me feel worse? The PUMAs are basically signing on to the same agenda. These supposed "Democrats" are now doing the GOP's bidding for them. I'm sure Hillary Clinton herself must be repulsed by this. I know I am, as well as many other Hillary Clinton Democrats.

How can they claim to be "Democrats" when they are working hand-in-hand with the GOP? How can they claim to be "Hillary Clinton supporters" when they are working actively against what Hillary herself supports? How can they claim to be "progressive" when they are working to undermine the progressive movement?

You know, I used to be friends with some of these people, so it pains me to say this... But now, I have no choice. "PUMA" is nothing more than a FRAUD! They do nothing but defile Hillary's legacy when they act in her name to give aid & comfort to the GOP enemy.

I've had it with "PUMA", their faux support of Hillary, & their siding with GOP troublemakers against Barack Obama. I hope all of you have as well. I hope we've all had it to the point where we're all ready to action.

Let's fight the smears. Let's say no to "PUMA" and yes to democracy. Oh yes, and let's volunteer & donate to ensure that we win over these GOP trolls. :-)


Anonymous said...

I think the PUMAs are really divided right now. For some this is about Hillary. For others, its about principle. Some will support the nominee if she is on the ticket. Others won't. Some will stay home. Some will vote but leave president blank. Some will support McCain. Others third party.

I really feel that they can disagree with the rest of us one part of the ballot and still be good Democrats. I don't think that one has to be a straight-ticket voter to be a good progressive.

Now, if they start running attack ads on Obama, my attitude will COMPLETELY change. For now, though, they seem to be little more than protest voters, and that is fair.

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