Monday, July 14, 2008

President Obama Isn't Enough

(Proudly cross-posted at Daily Kos, Democratic PartyBuilder, & MyDD) I know so many of us are excited about the Obama campaign. I know we all want to see Barack Obama become President next January. But you know what? This isn't enough for me. OK, OK, so what the hell am I talking about? President Obama won't be enough to solve the climate crisis. President Obama won't be enough to make universal health care happen. President Obama won't be enough to advance equal rights for all. Believe it or not, President Obama will need help from a Democratic Congress. Don't believe me? Well, you should. Presidents don't get everything done all on their own. They need Congress to work with them to make things happen. So why am I dwelling on this? I want you all to remember to support good Democrats running for Congress in addition to whatever support you're providing Barack Obama. If we have not just a Democratic majority, but a strong progressive Democratic majority, we can turn our dreams into reality. So who should we support? Let me start with some good candidates running in my neck of the woods, working hard to turn Orange County, CA, blue. Bill Hedrick is a Corona school board member looking to oust one truly corrupt Rethuglican still in Congress. And believe it or not, his district is looking increasingly competitive. If you can, please support Hedrick as he's a great progressive who will support President Obama's agenda. Also, let's not forget Debbie Cook. She's an amazing progressive Democrat, an accomplished Huntington Beach Mayor, and a brilliant energy policy wonk who is challenging a complete and utter disaster of a CReepy incumbent. She's someone we need in Congress... We should support her. OK, so you don't like my suggestions? That's OK. Give to the party to keep the "50 State Strategy" successful. Give to HillPAC so Hillary Clinton can help more Democrats win. Give to PAC for a Change to help Barbara Boxer help more Democrats. Just give to Democrats, dammit! Remember that President Obama isn't enough... We need more & better Democrats to truly win! :-)


Dizzy said...

Amen! Also, I'd like to mention progressives such as Darcy Burner in the WA 8th and Dan Seals in the IL 10th.

Maybe we could each take a moment to pick one or two people from Act Blue and show some progressive love. I like to choose most of my picks off the Red to Blue List.

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