Sunday, July 13, 2008

We Miss Her, Too!

During the primaries, Beth Fouhy was embedded with the Clinton campaign for the Associated Press. She wrote a column today that begins with three words many of us have been saying: "I miss Hillary."

Here's a snip:

While covering the New York senator's White House bid for 18 often-exasperating months, I never imagined writing those words. But now that she's gone, I miss Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Puzzling, infuriating, electrifying Hillary.

I miss her story: the former first lady, freighted with baggage, trying to return to the White House in her own right. I miss watching her morph from entitled, inevitable nominee to scrappy underdog and how much better a candidate she became with her back against the wall.

I miss having a woman in the race and the excitement so many women felt at the prospect of electing the first female president. I miss seeing those women on the rope line at Hillary's campaign events, embracing and whispering to her as though she were their long-lost girlfriend.

Read the entire column here.


sricki said...

That's a great article. I really miss seeing Hillary on the news every day...

Anonymous said...

Every time I see a clip of here or a story about her, I get so excited. I miss seeing her on the campaign trail. She really made me so proud to be a Clintonista. That's why I believe it's so important that we support her now and get behind the nominee.

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