Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Poll Shows Obama with a Nine-Point Lead

A new Quinnipiac national poll shows Obama with a nine point lead over his nearest rival, Darth McVader:

Obama 50
McCain 41

The new poll shows Obama maintains a substantial lead in various subpopulations, including Black voters (94% - 1%); women (55% - 36%); 18 to 34 year old voters (63% - 31%). He also has a lead among voters are are 35 to 54 (48% - 44%), my own demographic. Indeed, among voters over 55, McCain and Obama are virtually tied at 45% to 44% respectively.

Incidentally, the senior Senator from Arizona might want to add some campaign offices to his recent visit to Indiana in his courageous effort to carry one of the reddest of all states. It appears that Senator Obama has opened six offices in Indiana, while Senator McVader has yet to open a single office. (You may recall that a recent Survey USA poll showed the Illinois Senator with a one point lead in the Hoosier State over Luke Skywalker's daddy, a sign that the presumptive Republican nominee may be having a hard time keeping his horses in the corral.)


DCDemocrat said...

I like mixing my metaphors.

Psychodrew said...

The polls are all over the place right now, but this is certainly good news. Even if the polls don't mean much right now, I'd rather have him ahead than behind.

DCDemocrat said...

They could have an incidental and beneficial effect. The longer that Obama leads the race for the White House, the more an air of inevitability will enfold him. The longer that Obama leads, the more he appears to be a winner and the more McVader seems pathetic. If the bandwagon effect takes over, maybe we can coast to the White House on gas prices going up, employment going down, and the war going on and on.

Psychodrew said...

It could also make supporters complacent. We know from history not to make assumptions about the fall based on polls this far out.

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