Wednesday, July 16, 2008

John McBush Loses Grasp of Another State!

Take a looky at the new California Field Poll. Barack Obama's up by 24%!! Apparently, "Mac" ain't ever comin' back here!

Obama's ahead in every region of the state other than the Central Valley. He's leading by double-digits among BOTH men AND women. Oh yes, and Obama's leading among Democrats by 9-1 AND Independents by 3-1 while McBush struggles just to maintain his GOP base.

This is simply stunning! Increasingly, it looks like enough of the blue states from 2000 & 2004 will remain safely blue enough so that Obama can focus on playing offense rather than defense. And with no chance of McBush turning any blue states red this fall, his options to get to 270 electoral votes are becoming increasingly slim... Good! :-)


DCDemocrat said...

Rise, Barack, rise!

Dizzy said...

Wow ... That's one heck-of-a margin ....I figured in the high teens, but wow!

Anonymous said...

Great news. Just recently I read that the Governator was encouraging McCain to spend time and money in California. Ha-ha!

atdnext said...


I know, I know. I'm so thrilled to see this! Who knew the GOP could be this pathetic?


Ahhnuld the Governator is a joke. I hope McBush takes his advice and wastes money here. Ahhnuld should really listen to Maria more often. ;-)

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