Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Are Making a Difference! UPDATED

A few weeks ago, I donated to MyDD's Road to 60 ActBlue project, which as of today has raised $3575 from 67 donors. My donation was spread among four different Senate candidates, one of whom was Mark Begich, who is running to unseat Alaska Senator Ted Stevens.

The grassroots fundraising is making a big difference in the Begich campaign, as confirmed by an email that I received today:

[Psychodrew] --

I can hardly believe I'm writing to tell you this, but you guys did it:

Together we out-raised Sen. Stevens in the last fundraising period by over a quarter of a million dollars.

You are part of a grassroots surge - over 4000 contributors in the last three months (more than four times Stevens number of donors).

We outperformed the special interest network of a 40 year incumbent.

I am humbled by the strength of your support and I'm ready to keep fighting, bringing my message to Alaska voters.

We can win this race, all because of you.

Thank you.

Mark Begich

According to the Alaska Report, the Begich campaign raised $1,034,660 from more than 4,099 donors. Of those, 3017 were donations of $100 or less. Senator Stevens raised only $745,000.

In case you haven't yet, donate to the Road to 60 Project. Sixty Democratic senators means that the GOP cannot filibuster our legislative priorities. That means a real energy policy, meaningful health care reform, and improving our education system.

Oh, and as for the Begich campaign the most recent Rasmussen poll has Senator Stevens up 46-44. This race--and the others--are winnable. We need to do our part.

[Updated at 2:47am EST by Psychodrew]

According to Rasmussen, great news in Oregon:

Democratic challenger Jeff Merkley for the first time has edged ahead of Republican Senator Gordon Smith 43% to 41% in Oregon, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey. While the advantage is not statistically significant, it is noteworthy for an incumbent senator to receive such low levels of support at this point in a campaign.

If leaners are factored in, the race is tied with each candidate claiming 46% of the voters.

Last month, Smith, who is seeking a third six-year term, led Merkley by nine points 47% to 38%. Merkley is the speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives.

In the four previous months, Smith has been narrowly ahead, but he has never crossed the 50% mark, below which an incumbent is generally viewed as vulnerable. His support has ranged from a low of 45% to a high of 48%.


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