Monday, July 14, 2008

New Rasmussen State Polls

You might recall that last last Friday, I wrote about the astonishing news that Rasmussen had Obama and McCain tied in North Dakota. Now comes the news from Rasmussen that Obama has put South Dakota into play:

McCain 44
Obama 40

(With leaners, McCain 47 and Obama 43.)

Iowa is also looking pretty decent in the most recent Rasmussen released today:

Obama 48
McCain 38

(With leaners, Obama 51, McCain 41.)

Michigan is also looking better for our party's candidate:

Obama 47
McCain 39

That means that Obama has widened his lead there by four points greater than the last poll.

Electoral Vote Dot Com now projects the following electoral vote distribution:

Obama 320
McCain 204
Ties 14*

*Missouri with 11 electoral votes and North Dakota with 3 electoral votes.


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