Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am tired of hearing them, and I am tired of speaking about them.  My thoughts focused on the recent re-opening of the primary wars, and how much time we spend either promoting or defending our choice for the Democratic Primary...It made my stomach turn.

I, in no way, am faultless in this pointless exercise.  Whether it be scouring the latest "in the know" websites for some ammunition or "fact checking" many of the accusations hurled at our fellow Democrats.

I, for those who don't know, have been an Obama supporter since day 1.  My past actions toward the Clintons can be summed up in one word...shameful.  Thanks to fellow Mydd members and Clinton supporters who took the time to listen to me, I was afforded their wisdom and saw a new Hillary Clinton.  See under all the animosity and hate was just a plain old ignorant person who refused to see the truth, and that truth was Hillary Clinton was a great person who only had the country's best interest at heart.

She wanted equal opportunity for all, she wanted healthcare for all, she wanted a safe America, she wanted to start America on a new path with strong leadership, and above all she cared...She cared about me and my family.

She wanted exactly what Barack Obama wanted, an end to a disturbing and selfish reign by George W. Bush for the past 8 years.  The problem?  They both wanted to be the person who led us down this new path, and so sides were chosen.

And the assumptions flew and continue to fly...

Hillary & her husband played the race card, Barack is a sexist, Hillary is sabotaging the election so she can run in 2012, Barack is purposefully shunning the Clintons during the GE, Hillary is leveraging for the VP slot, Barack chose Warner for the keynote to spite Hillary, Hillary is a war-monger, Barack hates progressives, Hillary will only do things that are beneficial to her, Barack hates Bill, Bill hates Barack, the DNC hates Hillary, Hillary was cheated, Barack thinks Clinton supporters should just "Get over it", Hillary isn't doing enough, Barack isn't doing enough, Hillary is a racist, Bill is racist, Barack doesn't want a roll call, Hillary just wants to cause a fuss at the convention, Barack believes Jerimiah Wright, Hillary is in a secret religious clan, Barack loves Hamas, Hillary loves lobbyists, you get the picture.

I'm tired of it.  Why is it, we Democrats, continually try and tear one another down?  Are we not the Big Tent Party who prides itself on acceptance and tolerance?  Here we have two people who gave their heart and soul campaigning for the invisible people of this country and all we have to offer is insults and assumptions.  It is a disgrace to what they both stand for and what Democrats stand for.

So instead of assuming anymore, I am going to start believing.

I believe Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been selected by the people to be the leaders of our party.

I believe, regardless of their positions, they will fight together to restore our country and make us proud again.

I believe they are friends who respect each other and share common goals for the common people.

I believe they both will do what's best for the Democratic Party.

I believe, regardless of the past, they realize it was a hard fought primary and things were done in which both sides have apologized and forgiveness was granted.

I believe we will  come together.

That's what I choose to believe.


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Nicely said, hootie. :-)

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