Friday, August 15, 2008

Now Showing at Yes to Democracy...

Check out my new diary on the new lows of "PUMA" hypocrisy. Jeez, those GOP trolls never cease to amaze me! They're now going after our patriotism!

Have you ever heard a "PUMA" talk about "putting country before party"? Well, that's a big crock of crap coming from them! If "PUMAs" love America so much, why are they so willing to risk our nation's future by allowing John McBush & the GOP four more years to cause more damage?

So anyways, check out my new rant at Yes to Democracy. Hopefully, anyone even considering going "PUMA" will consider what I & others here have said. As Hillary Clinton has said herself, there's just too much at stake to give the Bush-Cheney GOP cronies (including John McBush!) four more years to continue hurting America.


Katrina said...

If McCain gets elected he will get to select one or more Supreme Court justices. That means the damage he does to our country will go WAY beyond four years. I have yet to hear any puma "Democrat" address this concern.

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