Thursday, August 14, 2008

The "Swift Boat" Mudslingers Are Back

Are you as sick & tired of right-wing lies & smears as I am? If so, watch out! The same liars who spread untrue smears against John Kerry are back... And they're out to spread the ugliest lies about Barack Obama.

Please check out this urgent message from DNC Chairman Howard Dean... And please take action to stop the lies!

C4O Reader --

This morning our team here sent this email to a group of dedicated supporters, but I'm sending it to everyone I know.

In 2004, the media let right-wing crackpots like Jerome Corsi spread lies about John Kerry. Now Corsi is publishing another hit piece attacking Barack Obama.

This year I'm drawing the line -- we're not going to let Corsi and the Republicans get away with it again.

Go here to check out Corsi's track record of ideologically driven lies and conspiracy theories, then sign up for the DNC Rapid Response Team and help keep these dirty tricks from ruining another election.

I hope you'll forward this to everyone you know, too.


Howard Dean


Katrina said...

Having seen how the pumas are gleeful over Corsi's new book, I am even more convinced that they are Republicans to the core. No Democrat would give credence (let alone money!) to the man who smeared John Kerry so terribly. Corsi is as full of it now as he was then, but these "Repumacans" are willing to believe every supposition he makes. Maybe the Republicans should ditch the elephant and make the puma their new symbol. It would be the truth.

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