Thursday, August 14, 2008

ACTION ALERT: Tell MSNBC to Tell the Truth About "PUMA"

I've been told by a friend that the infamous Will Bower will be on MSNBC's "Hardball" tonight to discuss the "PUMA movement". While "PUMA" claims to be a group of "Hillary Clinton supporters fighting for democracy", we've pointed out repeatedly their real motives of aiding & abetting John McCain & the GOP agenda. Yet for some reason, the corporate media continues to allow "PUMA" a national podium to spread their lies.

We need to speak up. We need to let the corporate media know that neither Hillary Clinton nor we Hillary Clinton Democrats stand with "PUMA" in their scurrilous attempts to smear & trash Barack Obama. We need to tell the media that "PUMA" does NOT speak for us!

Please send an email to & urge them to tell the whole story about Hillary Clinton Democrats!

With every lie "PUMA" people tell about Hillary Clinton implicitly supporting John McCain or Barack Obama not being "a real American" or the media not being "fair" in only giving them 15 minutes of infamy instead of 45, they slander Hillary & trash her reputation. With every ugly, low-blow attack they toss at our Democratic Party, they attack all of us. They claim to be speaking in our names, and it's time we stop their lies & tell the truth!

Please email & ask them to ask the tough questions about "PUMA" and consider inviting someone like our friend Christina from to debunk the "PUMA" smears. There's no time to waste. We can't let "PUMA" stand unchallenged, so please email & ask them to tell the real story on the "PUMA" con-artists.



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