Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Government Fail: The Planet

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I think we all know by now how horrible George W. Bush's environmental record has been. He's denied the climate crisis, pushed millions of acres of protected public land to be opened to private developers, and called for reckless oil drilling off our coast. Basically, this President has been a complete disaster for our planet. He's failed to be a good steward of our natural resources, and our children will soon pay the price of these Bush failures if we don't act now to reverse them.

So do you know what can make our current crisis worse? As bad as Bush is, there's someone who will only worsen our environmental problems... If we let him.

John McCain wants us to believe he's a "Friend of the Earth". He's green washed his web site. He's fine tuning his "green message" to sway voters. He's doing everything he can to convince us he's the real "green" candidate.

However, all we need to do is his record to see for ourselves that McCain is no friend of our planet. McCain always manages to say the right thing, but his actions are something completely different. He's really no different from George W. Bush in his laissez-faire attitude when it comes to requiring big polluters to clean up their act.

Oh yes, and here's an inconvenient truth about McCain that he doesn't want us to know. He may sound "green", but that's all talk. The only green he actually cares about is the "green $$$$" the oil companies are giving him.

Come on, now! Haven't we had enough of Bush doing nothing to solve the climate crisis while doing everything to allow big oil & big developers to ruin our natural resources? Now why the heck would we want more of the same ignoring our planet in peril? Why do we want another President who ignores us to placate his Big Oil bosses?

We need real change. We can't allow our government to continue to fail on protecting our planet for future generations. Let's make sure we have a President who will end the "epic government fail".

Let's support someone who will clean up this epic fail for a change. :-)


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