Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Strategy Session: Winning the Swing States

OK, I hope you've all seen today's polling report at 538.com by now. Basically, it's a mixed bag. Still, Obama overall looks to be in good shape... Even if the post-primary "bounce" has come back down to a slight Obama advantage.

Here are the new polls:

Virginia- McCain +1
Colorado- Obama +4
Iowa- Obama +5
Oregon- Obama +10

Nate at 538.com used the new polls to make an interesting argument: New Mexico, Iowa, & Colorado are Obama's "Firewall States". As long as he holds onto all the "Blue States" Kerry won in 2004 as well as these "Firewall States", Obama wins this fall. But if McCain can break through into one or more of these states, we may very well end up with a third Bush-Cheney term.

So what are you thinking? Should Obama remember to focus resources on these "Firewall States" as he's also out to snatch traditionally "Red States" like Virginia, North Carolina, & Montana... As well as hold onto barely "Blue States" like Michigan & New Hampshire? Do you think there's a better strategy for an Obama victory?

OK, let's discuss some strategy this morning. Let's talk about where Obama should be spending our $$$$ to win this election for us. Now let's begin the session. :-)


Katrina said...

At 37 years of age, this is the first presidential campaign I have contributed to. Every time a commercial or PUMA blog or FOX news interview makes me so angry I can't see straight, I donate a little bit more to Obama or a PAC supporting him. At this rate, I may just max out before November :)

atdnext said...


Wonderful! That is, it's great that all that crap is able to motivate you in a positive way. All I'd add is that...


We may not be a PAC (but ActBlue technically is!), but you're always welcome to throw some change to make some change with us. :-D

hootie4170 said...

Awesome Katrina-

We all need to do our part to extinguish the damaging fires Bush and his cronies have left...Thanks for your help, and like atd said donate to our Act Blue page...Hope to hear much more from you.

Anonymous said...

PUMA and Fox News have done wonders for Obama's fundraising, no doubt. How much did he raise after the "Celebrity" ad?

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