Friday, August 15, 2008

I've Said It Before & I'll Say It Again

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I think you all know what I'm about to say. So often, we forget as we become excited about ending the eight year long Bush-Cheney nightmare currently haunting the White House. We forget about how Bush & Cheney have been able to get whatever they want. We forget about how they've been able to avoid any kind of accountability. We forget about the 535 people who can make a HUGE difference in changing course from Bush-Cheney and helping President Obama forge a new & better path for this nation.

I think you now know what needs to be said... Now don't you?

President Obama is NOT enough! While you all know I'm as excited about the Presidential election as all of you are, I also know that we can't stop with the White House. If we want a more progressive government, we also need more & better Democrats in Congress!

Remember that as long as Republicans control at least 41 Senate seats & a significant chunk of House seats, they can obstruct the Democratic agenda. Why do you think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have been unable to do much of anything lately? The Republicans currently have enough votes in both houses of Congress to obstruct whatever Pelosi & Reid try to do. And when we combine the present strength of the Republicans with the number of moderate or conservative "Blue Dog Democrats" that sometimes break away from the rest of the party on key social, economic, and/or foreign policy issues, we have a recipe for complete & ugly stalemate.

If you care about a smart & sane energy future that benefits our people & our planet, please send more & better Democrats to Congress. If you want and end to Bush's Iraq occupation as well as a new commitment to real global cooperation, please send more & better Democrats to Congress. If you prefer to see real progress on advancing civil rights for all, please send more & better Democrats to Congress. If you can't wait to see the dream of universal health care become reality, please send more & better Democrats to Congress. And if you'd like to see an end to the Republican war on the poor & middle class, please send more & better Democrats to Congress!

Come on now. We can't wait. We
can't hesitate. Labor Day has not even arrived yet, and the GOP is already tossing its ugliest dirt our way. We need to make sure our Democrats have enough resources to continue fighting the good fight... And ultimately win this fall!

Please join with us in supporting these awesome Democrats today! Let's make sure we have more & better Democrats in Congress. Let's make sure President Obama won't be alone in delivering change we can believe in. :-)

Andrew Rice (OK-Sen) $
Tom Allen (ME-Sen) $
Annette Taddeo (FL-18) $
Bill Hedrick (CA-44) $
Julie Bornstein (CA-45) $
Nick Leibham (CA-50) $
Michael Montagano (IN-03) $
Sam Bennett (PA-15) $
Judy Baker (MO-09) $
Kay Barnes (MO-06) $
Christine Jennings (FL-13) $
Betsy Markey (CO-04) $
Gary Pritchard (CA-SD-33) $
Al Franken (MN-Sen) $
Jill Morgenthaler (IL-06) $
Dan Seals (IL-10) $
Judy Feder (VA-10) $
Ronnie Musgrove (MS-Sen) $
Rick Noriega (TX-Sen) $
Eric Massa (NY-29) $


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