Thursday, October 2, 2008

First Two Tracking Polls of the Day

Looking good. I confess that I was secretly concerned the past couple of days about some scant evidence of contraction in Obama's lead, but that seems to have either been noise or a short-lived phenomenon. Both of the morning tracking polls show Obama has increased his lead over McTool.

Rasmussen finds that Obama now leads McTool by seven points:

Obama 51
McCain 44

The margin was six points yesterday, and Rasmussen observes:
This seven-point advantage is the largest yet enjoyed by Obama during Election 2008 and is consistent with the stable lead he has enjoyed over the past week. For each of the past seven days, Obama has been at 50% or 51% and McCain has been at 44% or 45%.
Research 2000/Daily Kos found that Obama went from a 10 point to an 11 point lead:

Obama 51
McCain 40

DemFromCT observes:
On successive days in the R2K poll, Obama was up +11 Mon, +9 Tues and +11 Wed (MoE +/- 5.1 for individual days.) The internals show the 60+ demographic at only +3 McCain (when we started the tracker, it was +15.) Sarah Palin's fav/unfav is now 40/53 (- 13, a new low) and McCain is now -3.
Moreover, he points to the CBS poll released last evening to demonstrate the plausibility of Obama's lead in the new R2K findings. The numbers from CBS were:

Obama 50
McCain 41


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