Friday, October 3, 2008

Today's States of the Race

Where should we start? Why not Pennsylvania? Then we'll see what Rasmussen has for us. Sound good?

Muhlenberg of Pennsylvania:
Obama (D) 50%
McCain (R) 40%


Obama (D) 51%
McCain (R) 47%

New Hampshire-
Obama (D) 53%
McCain (R) 43%

The bad news: Where?

The good news: Where do I begin?! Obama is really shoring up his strength in Pennsylvania, a state that less than a month ago seemed to be in danger. The same can now be said about New Hampshire as well, as just last week The Granite State looked like a virtual tie. And finally, we have our third consecutive poll showing Obama ahead in The Silver State. Nevada had been hovering around a tie for many months, but Obama is now opening a lead that couldn't come at a better time.

Conclusion: If Pennsylvania and New Hampshire remain as blue as they look now, this can give Obama more freedom to focus time & money on "flipping" former red states like Nevada to the Blue column. So far, the map looks great. Obama just needs to make this into reality on November 4. :-)


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