Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pre-debate Chat

Are you nervous about tonight's debate? Honestly I am, too. But hey, let's not worry too much.

Why not?

Let's see... Joe Biden is a good debater. Joe Biden knows his foreign policy. Joe Biden can actually name multiple Supreme Court cases. Oh yes, and Joe Biden has real-life, real-world experience in making laws that help people.

And what does Sarah Palin have? Well crafted "zingers"? Lowered expectations? Interesting stories of hunting moose?

Yes, I know some in the "Netroots" are making a mistake by trying to set the bar so low tonight that Sarah Palin can just walk over it. Personally, I'd like for it to be just low enough that she bumps into it. But hey, I guess I'm just that way! ;-)

So really, what are your expectations for tonight's debate? Is Sarah Palin scaring you? Is Joe Biden reassuring you? Or would you just rather forget it all and veg out to "Grey's Anatomy" tonight?

Consider this a pre-debate open thread. Chat away now. Then, let's all watch the debate later. Just call me when you want me to start the popcorn. :-D


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