Thursday, October 2, 2008

Taylor's Take & My Take on the VP Debate

First, I'll defer to Taylor Marsh. She may be a good Democrat, but she's also a great, truth-telling, no-bullsh*t political analyst. She calls 'em as she sees 'em, so I trust what she says.

Palin got a passing grade tonight. Good for her. It wasn't near enough. She was clearly in over her head. Out of her league.

Biden simply soared.

If you want someone who is ready to be president tomorrow, that isn't Sarah Palin.

Joe Biden had the toughest job tonight and he respected Palin while driving hard into the facts, using experience and a lifetime of learning to rebut Sarah Palin's carefully scripted sentences, winking and nodding. She did her best, but it was clearly not enough.

Personally, I agree with Taylor. Did Palin meet my expectations? Frankly, yes. She didn't make too many gaffes, and she sold her product (the McCain-Palin ticket) like a good host on Home Shopping Network (HSN) or QVC.

But when I have to choose between the HSN host and the scrappy working-class fighter from Scranton who also knows a thing or two about handling an international crisis (aka Biden), I'll choose the guy from Scranton. Biden has what it takes to clean up the damage Dick Cheney will be leaving behind. And as for Sarah Palin, well... All I'll say is that she can keep putting lipstick on a pig, but a pig is a pig is a pig.


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