Friday, October 3, 2008

House Passes Financial Rescue Plan/Bailout Bill

It passed 263-171. Now I'm sure some GOP pundits will try to spin this into "good news for McCain". However, they may have problems getting most people to believe it.

Here's why.

1. This is only a temporary solution to the credit crunch and the financial crisis. This is NOT some magic elixir that will save the economy. So if the Republicans really think this makes all their economy related woes go away, they need to reconsider.

2. McCain supposedly "suspended his campaign" and parachuted into DC to get the House Republicans on board with the bill. But if McCain is to be judges by this mark, he failed the test. House Republicans still voted 108-91 against the bill. Now how is that "leadership we can believe in"?

3. While McCain resorted to stunts, Obama quietly nudged more House Democrats to support the final bill. That's why it passed today, because of the increased number of Democrats supporting the bill.

So go the media pundits and the GOP try to spin this into a "McCain win", let's remind them all of the real facts.


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