Friday, November 7, 2008

CA-44, Are you going to let Republicans steal this one?

Bill Hedrick did this without the help of the DCCC or the DNC and was outspent by Calvert (painfully corrupt Republican).

Calvert's team has apparently been having private conversations with the registrar's office in Riverside County, which was the last county in California to report its election results. There were numerous reports from Democratic Party officials, voters and even a poll worker in Riverside County that voters were "forced to use provisional ballots" or "denied ballots entirely" on Tuesday.


Bill Hedrick needs our help! He is only 4,000 votes away from being the second Democratic Congressperson in Orange County, CA and there are thousands of ballots left to count.

I just received this email from the South Orange County Democratic Club President, Gila Jones:

I've long been saying that the most competitive partisan race in Orange County was in the 44th Congressional District where Democrat Bill Hedrick faced corrupt Republican Ken Calvert last week.

Provisional, paper, and late absentee ballots -- 100,000 of them -- are still being counted, and Calvert leads Hedrick by only about 4000 votes.

Please do not let Calvert steal this election! Republican lawyers have descended on Riverside and are working around the clock to try to disqualify as many ballots as possible. Bill Hedrick has retained a top-notch election lawyer to help him, but he needs money to help pay the lawyer's fee.

Please, please, do NOT allow a Florida-style debacle right here in Orange County. Donate here:

The local and national media are taking notice. One of the biggest stories of the election is taking place right here in Orange County. Please, make your donation to be sure Bill's supporters aren't disenfranchised the way Al Gore's were in Florida 8 years ago.

Here are some of the printed and online reports:

Please, donate today. You are the margin of victory, and Bill Hedrick needs whatever financial support you can spare to prevent this election being stolen.

Please donate if you can, I just gave $25 myself. This is the best chance the OC has to add another Democrat to our ranks in Congress (with Loretta Sanchez) and this could also help turn the OC blue. But it's also another vote for Barack Obama when he needs help passing his very important legislation.

I know we're all tapped out, but it's worth it. I met Bill Hedrick on the Fourth of July and was impressed with him immediately. He was easy to talk to, amazingly knowledgeable and he's a good Democrat.

Some background...

A native of Los Angeles, Bill was born in 1952. The son of a Teamster and a teacher, both from the South, he absorbed the lessons of hard work, common sense, and tolerance modeled by his parents. After church, Sunday dinner table conversation always centered around current events, politics in general, and the Democratic Party. Through annual summer visits to east Texas, he learned first-hand the value of tradition, but also the human cost of segregation and poverty. The contrast between middle class Los Angeles and the deep poverty of the rural South left an indelible impression on him and a desire to change the world one student at a time.

A product of public schools, Bill received his BA in Social Science and MA in Education from CSULA. He began teaching elementary school in Hollywood in 1974, and has spent 34 years in education in Southern California, the last eight years serving as president of the Rialto Education Association, an NEA/AFL-CIO affiliate. Bill's particular area of expertise has been working with English language learners, and early in his career, he traveled to Mexico to learn Spanish to better communicate with his students and their parents.

In November 1988, Bill was elected to the Board of Education of the 51,000 student Corona-Norco Unified School District. He has served four terms as president of the Board, representing 250,000 residents of the 44th district, and deals with an annual budget in excess of $400,000,000.

Upon election he immediately set to work to expand choices for students and families. In doing so, he was instrumental in the adoption and/or expansion of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), IB (International Baccalaureate), Dual Immersion (English-Spanish), JROTC (Navy, Air Force), and a host of other options to provide support for students.

Student safety is foremost for Bill. In the wake of a tragic off-campus incident charged with racial overtones, he championed district efforts to develop a comprehension response, including tolerance education, enhanced safety measures, and a comprehensive district plan that values diversity.

Bill demanded an aggressive response from the District to news that toxic vapors were present at a district high school, most likely caused by a contaminated ground water plume. He doggedly pursued remediating despite strong opposition, a fight that continues to this day. He has also worked to create a "green" high school to be uniquely situated in a recovered quarry.

Bill and his wife of 28 years, Beth, have lived in Corona since 1981, and have five children. Their son Adam, a soldier with the 3rd ID, is currently serving a second Iraqi deployment east of Baghdad. Son Jesse served in Baquba with the 1st ID before suffering a near-fatal "heat event," while his wife, Evelyn, was an army convoy driver in Baghdad, also serving a second tour. Sarah is an apprentice electrician, and Zach and Rebekkah are students.

and his amazing commercial!

Bill Hedrick on Challenges Facing Working Families


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