Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Did!

Yes, I'm back home now. And yes, I wanted to congratulate all of us for all we did to make victory happen. Thank you so much!

We've lived through a whole lot in these last five months. We've seen all the ups and downs of the campaign. And now, we WON! Thanks to us, we have a Democratic President & a better & stronger Democratic Congress.

So can we all just take a break now? NO! OK, I guess we can take it easy tonight. But starting tomorrow, we have work to do. We have a President-elect to support, a party to continue building, and yes... We have errors to fix. Our victory could have been bigger & better in places like California & Arizona that lacked needed support & infrastructure, but the GOP caught a lucky break when "The Big Blue Wave" forgot to wash ashore when it left Nevada.

So what next? Honestly, we're still figuring out the details. Mainly, I'm thinking we need to remember what we stand for as Democrats, how to fight for our values, and how to keep winning. So please, please stay tuned. We have more to do & more to win!


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