Monday, November 3, 2008

What's Up in Vegas



Another day, another opportunity to win over some more Nevada voters! Yesterday, I had a chance to do this at the campaign office as I got my phone out and called local voters. I made the calls, and here's what happened.

First off, I found some voters who are understandably irritated by the 24/7 campaign in Nevada. I tried to explain to them that I wasn't out to deliberately annoy them, but I don't know if these people really got it. And honestly, these people are the ones who usually look for an excuse not to vote.

Fortunately, I found many more people at home who are planning to vote for Obama and Titus. These people missed early voting, so all they needed was a reminder to vote on Tuesday. Oh yes, and I also found even more Democrats who did vote early before the 10/31 deadline! And whether these folks already voted or will vote on Tuesday, they all sounded enthusiastic about Obama & Titus.

Oh, and did I mention that I was calling Henderson yesterday? And did I forget to say that I reached no McCain-Porter voters while on the phone?

So far, the state of the race looks good in Southern Nevada. However, our work is NOT done! We obviously still have voters to turn out to vote on Tuesday. So please, don't stop working now! Keep up the good work, help me turn out the vote, and I know we'll win! :-)




PTC said...

I wanted to take a second to thank you, and those who opened this webpage. This has been a historic race, and wheh it mattered, you left your ego's behind and stood up for your values in order to promote the issues that matter. I have been reading this page since I became scared at the prospect of a McCain win, due to the numbers and intensity of the PUMA movement.

Let me explain. I have been chatting on aol "From the Left" for years. The room divided hard during the primary, and very few of those that took strong positions against Obama came home to the party. I saw a lot of really ugly language, and stopped chatting with several people I had chatted with for years, because they supported McCain by helping to spread disiniformation about Obama. It was really sad.

So this website has been like therapy for me. To know that Hillary supporters are pushing hard for Obama, has made me very happy that the divisions we saw in the primaries have not played out into anything truly damaging in the general election.

This is a great site, you all have done a fantastic job. There is no Hillary and Obama split in my mind anymore. I was a one time doubter of everything Clinton, but not anymore.

Tomorrow, the country will make history. Not for Republicans, not for Democrats, not for Hillary supporters, not for Obama supporters, but for all Americans, just like Obama states. Yes we can. We can come together on the important issues. In the years to come, there is no doubt that the Clintons and Obama will be a major force behind some of the best progressive policies and sound diplomatic decisions this nation has ever made. That is partially because people like you all on this site, left behind the tough divide of a close primary, and did what was right for this nation.

God bless you all, and may god bless, the United States of America.

DCDemocrat said...

Thank you, PTC. I can't tell you how much your words mean to me. They made my eyes well up with tears. The country's future is so much more important than the infinitesimally small divide between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. If I can say one thing, during the primaries, I didn't understand what you folks saw in Obama, but I have come to deeply respect him and believe that his presidency could prove something extraordinary.

atdnext said...


Thank you! And really, this is why I started this blog. I wanted it to be a safe place for Democrats. I suspected that PUMA was nothing but smoke and mirrors, so I did not follow the former friends of mine that turned PUMA to promote McCrazy and trash Obama. It didn't take long for me to figure out that the GOP was behind PUMA, so I didn't want to fall into their trap.

I created this site so we can discuss how to elect more and better Democrats to office while also promoting our progressive values. I wanted other Hillary Clinton Democrats who were hurt during the primary wars to come here to heal and get involved with us instead of being hurt even more by the ugliness of PUMA. And to date, I've been amazed by all the progress we've made.

So thank you for coming here & thank you for welcoming us back into the happy Democratic home! :-D

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