Friday, September 12, 2008

Are You a Constitution Voter?

I am. Protecting our civil liberties and the U.S. Constitution are the most important political issues to me. That's why I've joined ACLU supporters from all across the country by ordering a free "I'm a Constitution Voter" bumper sticker.

This is a way to make sure people understand that, as America elects new leaders, there's nothing more important than protecting the Constitution. If you cherish the Constitution and the fundamental freedoms it protects, declare in public your personal commitment to constitutional rights.

Sign the ACLU's "I'm a Constitution Voter" pledge and get your free "I'm a Constitution Voter" bumper sticker now. The ACLU will deliver the pledge to candidates by October 15th to show just how many people want our elected leaders to stand up for the Constitution.

The Patriot Act. Assaults on religious liberty. Bush's repeated assaults on reproductive freedom. Warrantless wiretapping of innocent Americans. Massive invasions of privacy in the name of the war on terror. Guantánamo Bay. Abu Ghraib. Reckless assertions that the President is above the law. None of these could have happened if our government respected the Constitution and the rule of law. And none of them would have lasted this long if Congress had the political courage to defend the Constitution. That's why we've got to make our commitment to the Constitution absolutely clear to those who want to lead America into the future.

Sign the "I'm a Constitution Voter" pledge and get your free bumper sticker now.


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