Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today's Polls

I reviewed all the polls released yesterday in a post here on Clintonistas for Obama. More polls have come out today.

First, we have The Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll which suggests that Senator McCain's post-convention bounce isn't going any higher:

Obama 47
McCain 46

The pollsters interviewed 860 registered voters from September 6 to 8; the poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.3%. Though various findings in the poll might encourage Mr. McCain's supporters, the senator from Arizona still carries one immense burden:
Seventy-four percent believe McCain would closely follow Bush’s programs and policies. That's virtually unchanged from August, when 77 percent believed that about the GOP nominee.
Rasmussen yesterday had McCain up a point over Obama, but today, it finds the race dead even:

Obama 48
McCain 48

Today's Diageo/Hotline shows McCain up one point over the Obama:

McCain 45
Obama 44

Suggestive, I believe, that McCain had a very good weekend among the voters Gallup called, Gallup Daily Tracking finds McCain over Obama the same margin today as it found him yesterday:

McCain 49
Obama 44

I suspect that as Saturday and Sunday roll out of Gallup's sample, we also will see this poll tighten.

Investor's Business Daily released a poll today that showed Obama up by five points nationally:

Obama 45
McCain 40

The poll, however, included interviews between September 2 and September 7, that is, a portion of the interviews occurred before Palin's and McCain's acceptance speeches at the Republican National Convention, speeches which admittedly lifted the boats of the candidates of the Republican Party for president and vice president.


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