Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin goes to Alaska, and McCain bombs

Well, here is a little algebra lesson: (McCain + Palin) - Palin = McCain. Guess what. The answer to that equation doesn't do McCain much good at all.

McCain winged his first outing without his sidekick, and it ended in disaster. As Sarah flew back to Alaska, McCain couldn't finish his event in Philadelphia as his own supporters cried, "McCain, McCain," and Obama supporters cried, "Obama, Obama." The cacophony of the competition drowned McCain out altogether; clearly, Mr. McCain wasn't able to lead in a partisan dispute. He had to cut and run. The event ended early, and Mr. McCain retired from the campaign trail. We all thought that Sarah was sticking close to McCain because McCain couldn't trust Sarah to go out on her own. Maybe the real reason that Sarah isn't leaving McCain's side is that McCain by himself can't be trusted; I mean, it's like algebra:

(McCain + Palin) - Palin = McCain.


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