Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CNN Sez: The States of the Race Look OK

Yippee! More poll madness from CNN (courtesy TPM)!

McCain 50%
Obama 45%

McCain 50%
Obama 46%

Obama 49%
McCain 45%

New Hampshire
Obama 51%
McCain 45%

Overall, this is good news. After all the hoopla of the GOP Convention, McBush STILL can't make any inroads in any blue states. While the Virginia poll is a little frustrating, let's keep in perspective that Bush carried Virginia by about 8% TWICE! If the best McCain can do in his "afterglow" from last week is pull off a 4% lead here, he's in trouble.

Otherwise, Missouri is GREAT NEWS. For a while, "The Show Me State" seemed to be showing its backside to Obama. For Obama to narrow the gap to 5 when the pre-conventions polls had the race there as McCain +7-10, that helps. And to do that while solidifying leads in what were likely our two most vulnerable blue states, Michigan & New Hampshire, we can breathe a little more easily now.

Still, we're not out of the woods yet. We can do plenty to support Obama now & make sure he has the necessary resources to win. :-)


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