Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama Should Hire This Guy

Former Clinton aide Phil Singer: "It's tough to make the McSame attack stick because John McCain rose to national prominence by being a thorn in George W. Bush's side. McCain might have voted for 90 percent of the Bush agenda but the public got to know him as a pain in Bush's behind... the Obama campaign needs to focus its energies on generating some real time examples of McCain hugging Bush."

"Democrats need to test McCain's maverick claims by creating news stories that force the Republican to choose between opposing the Bush Administration OR adopting the Bush position on an issue playing out in the headlines. If we can get McCain to embrace a Bush position in real time, we can breathe new life into the McSame narrative and put McCain back on the defensive."

Good advice. Enough with us hand-wringing over the GOP's dirty maneuvers. It's time to beat the s**t out of them! ;-)


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