Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Obama Strategy

We are now in the home stretch, and this long campaign is revving up to draw to its close. Our fingers and toes are all crossed for Democratic victory in the fall. How do we get to the end we desire? Where do we go from here?


Yesterday, I watched CNN's analysis of the electoral map, and it seemed that the commentators, usually fairly staunch, "the race is so close," folks seemed inclined to give the benefit of their doubt to Obama, describing McCain's challenges in the electoral college as the more daunting. As for Obama, his campaign's strategy is this:
Obama's campaign intends to focus heavily on the economy, especially in light of the mounting job losses, and to keep up the effort to tie the McCain-Palin ticket to the policies of President George W. Bush. It is banking on holding all the states Senator John Kerry won in 2004 and picking up the additional electoral votes it needs by flipping some combination of Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio and Virginia into the Democratic column.
Some combination of those states seems to be reasonable pickups, and I certainly am pleased that the famously organized Obama campaign is meeting its goals for new voter registrations in Virginia. My heart is racing fast, but I normally would say that Obama's persistent lead in the polls, small but consistently evident from poll to poll from week to week, is a very good omen for our side.


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