Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Enough With the Racial Attacks

How disgusting! Just two years after the GOP unleashed some of the ugliest racist attacks against Democrats, they're at it again. Now, they've put out a new ad depicting Barack Obama unleashing a "pack of wolves" at Sarah Palin. Hmmm, now doesn't this sound familiar?

"Harold, call me."

"Willie Horton"

"law & order"

"Southern Strategy"

The Republicans have used coded racial attacks to scare white voters ever since Richard Nixon brought forth the "Southern Strategy" in 1968. They used "law & order" to conjure up images of rioting African Americans in the big cities. They used Willie Horton in 1988 to scare white voters with images of a black man sexually exploiting a white woman. In 2006, they resorted to the same message when they used the "Playboy" ad (with the images of a black man having sex with white women) against US Senate candidate Harold Ford.

And today, they're trying to do the same thing to Barack Obama.

As Obama said himself, "ENOUGH!" We must put an end to these racial attacks. Help truth fight back. If you know anyone who's undecided, talk to them about what Barack Obama wants to do for us.

This election isn't about John McCain's history or Sarah Palin's personal life or the many myths being spread about Barack Obama. No, this election is about us taking back our country. Let's remember that, and let's fight back when the GOP tries to distract.


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