Friday, September 12, 2008

Can I Haz More Panic?

Maybe not. The American Prospect suggests now may be a good time to calm down.

[...] It certainly doesn't help to have Democrats wringing their hands and complaining about problems Obama doesn't have. Enthusiasm is the big indicator in an election that will ride on turnout, and Democrats have every reason to be enthusiastic.

Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton's spokesperson during the primary campaign, has made this point on his new blog. During the primary race, many counted Obama out, didn't understand his campaign's strategy, didn't think he could keep himself in the race. Clinton adopted Obama's change rhetoric and attacked him the same way McCain has -- on experience and for his eloquence. But Obama and his team hewed to their strategy and pulled out the win. The senator from Illinois is known as a closer, and there is plenty of time left. Keep the faith.

Perhaps they're right. This, too, shall pass. Work hard. Knock doors. Make calls. Donate $$$$.

Keep up the good work, and we can win. It's really that simple. ;-)


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