Thursday, September 11, 2008

Research 2000 Sez: McSurge Losing Steam

I know, I know, this poll has been commissioned by Daily Kos. HOWEVER, this poll has NOT been skewed or fudged one way or another. Research 2000 is a respected polling outfit, so these numbers have credibility.


Obama (D) 47%
McCain (R) 45%


Democrats 47%
Republicans 40%

Overall, good news on both fronts. We stand to strengthen our hand some in Congress while Obama has a slight lead in the Presidential Race. But hold on, the news gets better. Because a bunch of bloggers commissioned this poll, we get to see all the internals. This one especially caught my eye.

Sep. 8 Results:
McCain 47%
Obama 46%

Sep. 9 Results:
Obama 47%
McCain 46%

Sep. 10 Results:
Obama 48%
McCain 45%

Clearly, the "McSurge" that developed after the GOP Convention has helped McCain take this race into a virtual tie this week. But as other tracking polls have shown and what Research 2000 demonstrates here, the "McSurge" is slowly but surely deflating over the course of this week.

Why? Where do we start? "Lipstick-gate", new Bush scandals, new Palin scandals... Oh yes, and let's not forget the real issues like the economy & Iraq. As McCain & his GOP have started to lose the media narrative, the focus of the race is returning to the poor state of this union and what we need to do to CHANGE that. When this election is about issues, Democrats win. These results prove that.

So what can we do? Keep hammering away on McCain = Bush. Keep the focus on the issues. When voters vote on what matters, we win. :-)


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