Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin Still Wants to Build the Bridge to Nowhere with Federal Earmarks

Ah, yes, this story is an immense fount for all of us who are amazed that McCain actually chose the most suspect candidate for vice president since Dan Quayle darkened American history.

Get this, Sarah "Thanks but No Thanks" Palin is still trying to build the bridge to nowhere, and she wants to use $73 million dollars in federal funds to do it.

Ah, yes. Sarah "Lying Sack of Shit" Palin
has portrayed herself as a foe of pork-barrel spending, pointing in particular to her role in killing the $398 million "Bridge to Nowhere” between Ketchikan (pop. 7,400) and its airport on Gravina Island (pop. 50). I "told the Congress, 'Thanks, but no thanks,'" she said in her speech accepting the Republican vice presidential nomination. "If our state wanted to build a bridge, we were going to build it ourselves."
Even so, her administration fesses up that it's still trying to build that Bridge to Nowhere "with the help of as much as $73 million in federal funds earmarked by Congress for the original project."

Golly, gee. I guess she was for it after she was against it after she was for it.


atdnext said...

Can anyone say "flip-flop"?

DCDemocrat said...

Flip-flop on top of flip-flop on top of flip-flop.

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