Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin, Quit Lying about the Bridge to Nowhere

Sarah, The Washington Post has done a fact check on your claims that you just said, "No," to the Bridge to Nowhere. You're lying, and you've been caught. Just stop it and move on; as The Post observes, in your answers to a written questionnaire from The Anchorage Daily News, you said the time had come to build the bridge. And even when you bowed to the political reality that the bridge to nowhere had become a national joke and really was going nowhere, you still took the money from that project and used it for other transportation projects in Alaska; in fact, you never said, "Thanks, but no thanks," as you repeatedly have lied over the past couple of weeks. Indeed, as The Post reports, you:
requested $750 million in federal subsidies during her two years as governor, the largest per-capita request in the nation.
You simply are lying, and the activity of lying is what defines a liar.

So, Sarah Palin, you lying sack of shit, just stop it.


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