Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ABC-WaPo Sez: Obama Jumps Ahead!

Wow! The Washington Post & ABC have some shocking new poll numbers out. Are you sitting down? You should be!

Obama (D) 52%
McCain (R) 43%

Now how can this be? Simple, really. It's the economy, stupid!

Obama has a 2-1 lead with "economy voters". Overall, most voters see the reality of the faltering economy. And once again, this is what's moving people to Obama's message of change.

Still, that's not the only good news for Democrats. Obama has also gained ground on foreign affairs and the Iraq Occupation. This really calls into question the media's assertion that McCain is "strong on foreign policy". Perhaps the "Pain in Spain for McCain" disaster is now hitting home, and/or voters are waking up to the reality that his stance on Iraq is no different from Bush's.

This may make for an interesting debate on Friday. If Obama proves his foreign policy bona fides while also keeping the economy front and center at the debate, perhaps the convential wisdom on "The Great McDebater" will have to be thrown out the window. ;-)


DCDemocrat said...

What is interesting about the article that announced these results was a passage that observed that the poll never recorded a result for Gore or Kerry that was above 50 percent. That seems an interesting find. I have wondered how the questions about presidential preference in this poll were structured. If there were a lot of economic questions that preceded the presidential preference question, it might have influenced the statement of presidential preference.

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