Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Florida Heats Up!

Hot off the presses! Here's a brand spanking new NBC News poll that you're sure to love!


Obama 47%
McCain 45%

No, I'm not kidding! This is the first poll since August that has shown Obama take the lead in The Sunshine State. And again, the renewed focus on the economy is causing Floridians to take another look at Obama.

This is terrific news because this means Obama has more options to reach 270 electoral votes. While it's likely he'll get there by way of the "Big 3" Western Swing States of Nevada (pure toss-up, baby!), New Mexico (now leaning Democratic!), and Colorado (so far, so good) and/or Virginia (looking better and better for us). But if Obama can also compete in Florida, this means he'll have another option to win... And another battleground to force the McBush GOP campaign to fight in. As long as our options remain open through November, we'll be in good shape to win! :-)


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