Saturday, September 27, 2008

Republicans are concerned about Palin

Ed Schultz reports that insiders within the McCain camp consider Palin to be "clueless":
The campaign has held a mock debate and a mock press conference; both are being described as "disastrous." One senior McCain aide was quoted as saying, "What are we going to do?" The McCain people want to move this first debate to some later, undetermined date, possibly never. People on the inside are saying the Alaska Governor is "clueless."
Doubtless, rumors like this must have prompted syndicated conservative columnist Kathleen Parker yesterday to call for Palin to remove herself from the ticket.


PTC said...

Why is Bill Clinton helping Palin and the Republicans? He and Hillary should be honorable, but also pointing to the fact that she is not qualified.

Bill is acting as if Sara is his political equal... yeah right, if you fail to count the fact that Clinton was gov for much longer, and that he is a Rhodes Scholar... who had a complete grasp of the issues when he ran...

Man- this Clinton support for McCain Palin is madening!

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