Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Diageo-Hotline Sez: Obama's Moving Up!

Maybe that ABC-WaPo poll isn't so whacked out after all! Diageo-Hotline has released its new tracker today, and Obama is starting to pull away!

Obama (D) 48%
McCain (R) 42%

For months, we've heard the pundits scream about Obama being somehow "weak" because "he's not running away with this election". But now that Obama's building a lead, what can they say? The more John McCain shovesd his foot in his mouth, the more they tried to make sense out of his faux-populism. The more his campaign was being revealed as a sleazy corporate lobbyist operation, the more they talked about his "Maverick Ways". They talked about his "reform agenda", even though it's no different from Bush's. And now, the media pundits are left speechless.

Fortunately, the American people are smarter than the corporate media. They're finally connecting the dots and realizing that Mr. "I Love Deregulation, The Fundamentals of the Economy Are Strong" simply isn't the change we need. And hopefully as more is revealed about McCain's Bushian economic "plan" and his sleazy campaign, the people will finally send him back to one of his 7-10 houses in one of his 13 cars... And we'll have a President Obama who will actually clean up the Rethuglican mess & make this economy work for working people again! :-)


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