Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's Polls: Stable

After all the millions McBush spent to trash Obama... After all the time spent at the GOP Convention to attack Obama... After all the effort spent in the last week to blame the entire financial meltdown on Obama... What are the results?

Rasmussen Tracking:

Obama 48%
McCain 47%

Gallup Daily:

Obama 48%
McCain 44%

Essentially no change from yesterday, and no change from the summer. The numbers seem to be stabilizing with a slight Obama lead. Does that mean we're a shoo-in to win? No, but it does mean we don't need to be demoralized over some silly "McSurge" that seems to be all gone now.

So what does this mean about the state of the race from now until November? The debates have potential to be game-changers, but unless someone truly stumbles we may just see Obama hold onto a small lead overall for the next few weeks through November 4. As long as the economy is the #1 issue, Democrats have the edge. And if we work our hardest to get out the vote, we have a good chance to win on November 4.

We'll have to wait and see if the first debate causes another shift, but for now it looks like the political battlefield has stabilized and we now need to take advantage of the current opportunities to make our case to America and win this election.


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