Monday, September 22, 2008

More States of the Race: We Can Win The Wild West

Yum! TPM has just fed us two new polls from the West:

Suffolk University- Nevada:
Obama 46%
McCain 46%

Public Policy Polling- New Mexico:
Obama 53%
McCain 42%

Wow! Combine a renewed focus on the economy with increasing strength among Latinos, and we have a more favorable map for Obama here. The more polling I see out of New Mexico, the more easily I breathe. While I don't think we should rest on our laurels quite yet, I do think Democrats are in for a good year in The Land of Enchantment. Hopefully the Obama campaign will keep up the good work here, so that we'll see a strong enough Obama win to help Democrats down ballot like Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich have an easier time winning.

And what can I say about Nevada? The race here is HOT, HOT, HOT! Because The Silver State's been hit hardest by the mortgage meltdown, people here seem quite open to Obama's message of real change to help real working people. Now if Obama just wins over a few more Indpendents while turning out the Democratic base en masse (which would help, since Dems now outnumber Reeps in the state), we can also win here.

So what can we conclude? Basically, the West will still be a key for us to win. While traditional battleground states like Ohio and Florida are still quite important this year, the "Big 3" Western Swing States of Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada provide Democrats for more options to win the White House as well as more seats for Congress. New Mexico now shows a good Democratic lean, so we now must focus on winning Colorado and Nevada to seal the deal and make Barack Obama our next President!

Btw, now's a great time to make victory happen! :-)


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