Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's Other Trackers

OK, before I forget... Here are today's other tracking polls (courtesy of TPM Election Central)!

Research 2000:
Obama 49%
McCain 43%

Obama 47%
McCain 42%

Interesting. Obama moves slightly down in one while rocketing up in another. (Yesterday had Obama +7 in Research 2000 and +1 in Diageo-Hotline.) This may just be meaningless statistical noise, or one may be right and another wrong. But overall, it still looks like Obama has a slight edge today. :-)


DCDemocrat said...

Jonathan Singer at MyDD points out that all four daily trackers peg Obama at about 48 and three of the four peg McCain at 43. That feels about right to me.

atdnext said...


That sounds about right. Other than Rasmussen, all the other trackers show Obama at about that range. If this holds up through the debate and Obama delivers a solid performance, we should be OK. :-)

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