Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CNN Sez: The States of the Race Are Shifting

Here are the new CNN-Opinion Research state polls:

McCain 54%
Obama 43%

West Virginia-
McCain 50%
Obama 46%

Obama 51%
McCain 47%

Obama 51%
McCain 46%

Obama 53%
McCain 44%

Wow! No wonder why McCain's afraid to debate. Other than Montana, there simply isn't good news for him. West Virginia is now in play, while Obama is starting to solidify his leads in Colorado, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. With each passing day of Obama delivering a clear message of change and McCain delivering gaffe after scandal after another gaffe, the state of the race isn't looking hot for the GOP. I'm looking forward to seeing Obama cutting through the McCrap and telling some truth on the economic crisis later this week, as the voters clearly are looking for real leadership.


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