Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama discusses the lives in women in the U.S.

Obama was in Coral Gables, Florida today, and he had a lot to say about his awareness of the obstacles that face women and why it concerns him:
This isn’t just about politics for me; this is personal because I come here today not just as a candidate for president but as a son and a grandson, as a husband and a father who’s seen first hand, throughout my life, the challenges so many women face everyday in this country.
It's a very good speech. I recommend it to you. Obama observes that what hurts women in this country hurts all of us, whether or not we're women. He calls not just for the bailout of the fat cats in the financial markets but a bailout for the folks who live on Main Street, too. He critiques the people who blow it and walk away with millions of dollars in golden parachutes while the rest of us are left holding the bag. He disparages those who talk about family values but when family have needs stand by in silence. Like I said, it's a very good speech.


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