Thursday, September 18, 2008

Former REPUBLICAN Los Angeles Mayor Endorses Obama!

Yes, it's true. Richard Riordan, the REPUBLICAN elected as Mayor of the nation's second largest city from 1993-2001, is now endorsing Democrat Barack Obama for President! Why?

Riordan said the Illinois senator was by far the best choice for the White House and the only one with the intellect to shepherd the country through troubled economic times. "He's extremely bright and energetic, and he's a guy who gets things done," said Riordan, who was a successful venture capitalist before he was elected mayor in 1993, serving two terms.

Riordan criticized GOP presidential nominee John McCain's past support for financial deregulation, saying it helped trigger the mortgage crisis and subsequent economic downturn. "There's nothing in his background that shows he's a person who can understand these complicated economic issues, or shows that he is entrepreneurial enough to bring about change."

Riordan is really onto something. And really, he should know. He's actually been successful with his business (unlike, Carly Fiorina), and he actually did a good job governing Los Angeles in the 1990s. He knows we now need a President who will enact common-sense regulations to protect our capitalist system, bring forth new ideas for new jobs and new business opportunities, and restore our confidence and the world's confidence in our economy.

I think he's right, and now's the time for Barack Obama. :-)


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