Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BREAKING: CBS/NYT Poll Has Obama +5!

No, I'm not kidding! Here are the numbers:

Obama-Biden (D) 48%
McCain-Palin (R) 43%

Obama was down 2% in the last poll just last week... So this dramatic 7% shift is a HUGE rebound for us! What looks big to me so far is that white women, Independents, and voters who care most about the economy are shifting back to Obama. Oh yes, and with the economy being the #1 issue on voters' minds in this poll, this presents a major opportunity for Democrats.

So what should we get out of this hot new poll? Basically, Obama needs to hammer home his economic message. Keep talking about how Democrats will solve the problems that led to the current financial crisis and mortgage mess, and don't take the GOP bait on "culture war" crap.

If these numbers hold up in the coming weeks, we'll be in a good position for November 4. :-)


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Jonathan said...

The Repugs will be trying every dirty trick they can. I noticed on U-tube yesterday a few new ones from the McCain camp. You know it is McCain because they disable comments and ratings on their video. The new ones say Obama is gay. They will stoop to anything.

(And by the way, if he was, I couldn't care less.)

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