Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NOW PAC Endorses Obama

In case you haven't heard... Real feminists support Obama!

The 500,000-strong women's movement, which "very, very rarely endorses in a general election", broke with its tradition of neutrality after "the addition of Sarah Palin gave us a new sense of urgency," said Gandy.

"She is being portrayed as a supporter of women's rights ... as a feminist when in fact her positions on so many of the issues are really anathema to ours," Gandy said. [...]

"The idea that she opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest -- those kinds of positions are completely out of step with American women and once they find out about those positions, they get a little less excited about a woman running for vice president," Gandy said.

Well, it's the truth. McCain & Palin are anti-choice, anti pay-equity, and overall extremely anti-women's equality. How the hell is that "feminist"? No wonder why real feminists aren't buying their Bush*t.


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